September 06, 2010

Daily Wine Deals

Here's a new trend in wine buying and marketing: a daily deal. Wholesale price, one day or limited time only. Thanks for writing in, folks. Here's an expanded list:

Cellar Thief
Three wines at a time, while supplies last.

Cellar Angels
Buy direct and donate to charity. A good karma bargain.

Cinderella Wine
Gary V's latest venture bills itself as "ridiculously low prices for 24 hours only."

From the folks, comes a wine auction site, offering both free and paid auctions.

Seattle-based wine purveyor specializing in artisan wines "that veer toward a road less traveled."
A featured wine, a bunch of samplers, ten dollah flat-rate shipping in NYC.

Last Call Wines
Daily wine deals. Free shipping, on 2 or 4 bottles (it varies). Good range and good wineries represented.

They track the experts, and promise the best wines at the best prices.

People's Wine Market
Weekly deals from small artisan wineries from around the US, a lot of organic, bio-dynamic, and earth-conscious wineries. $5 shipping. 

Winery Insider
They promise lowest prices on everything from undiscovered gems to discovered treats.

Wine deal of the day (or week) from an actual wine store, possibly one near you. Plus you can create and save a list of your favorite wines. A search engine allows you to search for a wine by price.


Derek F. said...

Ordered from Last Call. Great prices, free shipping and fast delivery. Looking forward to the next featured wine!!!

Anonymous said...

Also try:

Matt said...

It is a good concept. More and more are doing it.


Buy Wine Online

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about member's only site

I find they have the best selection and prices.

Otto Zappatore, Anthony Schneider said...

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We've updated the column with your faves. Let us know new favorites or comments on old ones.

WineScore said...

There is also a new site that puts all these daily wine deals on one page, with email alerts for all the sites if you want them.

Anonymous said...

There are several new flash deal sites for wines out there, but I've found the best to be They offer hard to find wines at prices at or below the lowest price on

The best part is that they sometimes have deals on LivingSocial and other sites like that where you can get a coupon at 50-60% off. Using these coupons, I've gotten 94point wines for about $10/bottle.

You need an invitation to see there offerings, so you can use this one:

Carrie said...

I'm really excited about concept! The wines are all fabulous boutique, small production from Napa/Sonoma. And I choose my favorite charity to donate sale proceeds with every purchase.

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Joe said...

Thanks for the great list. also has a pretty great selection and makes it easy for gift giving during the holiday season.



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Anonymous said...

Check out: Wines Til Sold Out. Nice range. Moderate prices.


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